Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: What is right for your business?

You know you need to be advertising online, but what’s the best option available? Both Facebook and Google are massive platforms with incredible reach, but are they right for your business? Should you use one? The other? Both?

Google Ads is a paid search system, which utilizes keywords to drive users to your website or landing page. These keywords (or phrases) determine if your ad shows up, based upon the terms that potential customers may enter into the search box. Facebook Ads, on the other hand, is a paid social system. It shows ads to users based on their habits, lifestyles, locations, and other factors that help single out your ideal potential customer. You can do this with Facebook’s in-depth audience targeting tools, which we’ll examine closely later.

  • Google Ads are an excellent way for you to help your ideal customers find you

  • Facebook Ads gives you tools to find new potential customers.

No matter your industry, you’d be wise to consider using both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. If it’s in your marketing budget, you can achieve amazing reach by placing ads on both platforms. #StandOut #SocialMarketing #PPC #PaidAdvertising

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