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Updated: Mar 5

Thank you to Laura Watts of Double Take Content Creation for having me as a guest on her podcast.

"From videos to ads, the founder of Standout Social Marketing, Eric Perez-Salas has some great marketing tips for business owners.  As a young entrepreneur who is all-in in his business, he has some fabulous insights on content marketing and business success that you won't want to miss! You can learn more about Eric at StandOut Social Marketing." Stay tuned for more blogs, vlogs and content dedicated to educating our followers! Have any questions? Please leave them in the comments below! If you found value in this blog and it has helped you, I would really appreciate it if you'd 'buy me a coffee' by donating what you can through the link below :) Interested in a free 30 minute consultation? You can book using my Calendly link: Eric Perez-Salas Owner StandOut Social Marketing - Helping Your Business StandOut!

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