StandOut Marketing Series | Print and Digital: Working in Harmony

Business owners have more digital marketing tools at their disposal today than ever before in history. Traditional forms of advertising such as print ads in newspapers and magazines are still very effective ways to promote a business in certain markets. The key is to learn how to combine print and digital marketing together.

Determine your strategy based on customer buying habits As long as people still read flyers, subscribe to magazines and newspapers, and open their snail mail, traditional print advertising offers a viable marketing vehicle. Think about presenting a coupon in print that can only be redeemed online. Maybe you have always done a mailer coupon for a local restaurant that was only ever usable in person. How could this be transitioned to still leverage the print promotion but have it redeemable online?

Present a consistent message No detail is too small as it relates to promoting a consistent image. A well-written guide provides direction about the brand’s voice related to editorial blogs and advertising. Your print and digital marketing should share this brand identity as closely as possible. Effectively, a company’s brand image should be easily recognizable over all channels and platforms by any person who views the content.

Utilize targeted advertising methods Digital marketing is also highly targeted and allows marketers the ability to spread the financial risk across several channels instead of putting large sums of money into a single magazine spread or expensive newspaper advertising. However, there is no substitute for timely and attractive print marketing that arrives in your mailbox at home precisely when you need it. Prudent business owners will continue to use online and offline marketing tools in tandem.