FAQs About Local SEO Strategies For Franchises

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What is franchise SEO?

SEO for franchises focuses on improving the visibility of your franchise in search results, like on Google or Bing. Franchise SEO can include a variety of strategies, depending on whether you’re promoting a franchise location or the corporate franchise brand.

What are some challenges with SEO for multiple locations?

With SEO for franchises, there are several challenges, as well as common beginner mistakes, that can stop your franchise SEO strategy from succeeding. If you’re managing your SEO in-house, it’s critical for your team to understand (and know how) to overcome these challenges.

A few of the most common challenges that come with SEO for multiple locations include:

1.  Duplicate content: You must have original content on your website. If your site features a significant amount of content from another website, like a fellow franchise location, it can cause your local franchise SEO to fail.

2.  Outdated NAP: Ensure your franchise provides your name, address, and phone number. If you’re promoting a location, do not use your corporate contact information. Provide users with the information they want: yours.

3.  Unnecessary interlinking: Make every internal link (or a link to another page on your website) count. If you excessively or unnecessarily link to internal pages, it can send a negative signal and prevent you from appearing on page one of search results.

If you’re having trouble with your franchise’s local SEO strategy, an agency that specializes in franchise SEO (like WebFX) can help. They can audit your website and discover errors and recommend fixes, as well as even provide complete management of your SEO strategy if you’re overwhelmed.

What do local franchise SEO services include?

Professional SEO strategies for multiple locations include everything your company needs to improve its online visibility, which can result in more in-store visits, sales, and revenue. In most cases, your business and team don’t have to worry about a thing — your franchise SEO agency takes care of everything.

For perspective, most SEO for franchise plans include:

1.  Developing a custom strategy for your brand or location

2.  Optimizing your website, as well as Google Business Profile

3.  Tracking your website’s performance, like its rankings, traffic, and conversions

4.  Improving your website’s usability for users

5.  Creating fresh, optimized content for your website

6.  And more

If you’re looking to build a successful SEO strategy for your business, professional franchise SEO services can help. They’re especially valuable if your team doesn’t have the time to manage your online presence, as search can help bring a massive number of customers (and revenue) to your location.